Unexpected Uses of Birth Control Pills: Treating Health Issues Beyond Contraception

2023-11-20 09:42:39 A Chinese woman took birth control pills after meals, but it was not for “contraception”. (Image/reproduced from photoAC) Most people always think that birth control pills can only be used for contraception, but this is not the case. There was a woman in China who took birth control pills after meals. Her father … Read more

New Scientific Discoveries and Effective Acne Treatments: A Comprehensive Guide

2023-11-20 20:00:00 Reading time: 2 min — Spotted on New Scientist Acne affects more than 640 million people worldwide. As’says New Scientist, this skin disease, which often appears at puberty but can also occur in adulthood, has many origins. Hormones play a role, but they are far from being the only culprit: diet, lifestyle and … Read more

Cinnamon: The Health Benefits and Uses of this Powerful Spice

2023-11-21 01:26:09 Fights inflammation, lowers blood pressure, and prevents protein accumulation in the brain. Entered 2023.11.21 10:25 Views 19 Entered 2023.11.21 10:25 Modified 2023.11.21 08:08 Views 19 Cinnamon, mainly used as a spice, has various health benefits such as reducing fat and reducing inflammation. [사진=클립아트코리아] Cinnamon not only smells good. It aids digestion and also … Read more

Everyday Items Dirtier Than a Toilet: The Shocking Truth About Bacteria and Germs

2023-11-20 08:35:38 Everyday items are dirtier than a toilet… Smartphones in particular are infested with E. coli, causing folliculitis when in contact with the skin. Entered 2023.11.19 08:30 Views 4,765 Entered 2023.11.19 08:30 Modified 2023.11.17 15:40 Views 4,765 Although we touch it every day in our daily lives, there are things that are dirtier than … Read more

The Health Benefits of Reducing Added Sugar: Improves Intestinal Health, Reduces Inflammation, Prevents Cancer, and More

2023-11-18 02:05:44 Improves intestinal health, reduces inflammation, prevents cancer, etc. Entered 2023.11.18 11:05 Views 71 Entered 2023.11.18 11:05 Modified 2023.11.18 09:16 Views 71 Consuming too much sugar and foods high in added sugar increases the risk of weight gain, diabetes, and fatty liver. [사진=게티이미지뱅크] Sugar is an element that cannot be eliminated from our diet. … Read more

How to Protect and Moisturize Your Skin in Cold Weather: Essential Tips and Tricks

2023-11-12 08:11:00 Biting wind, cold weather… rough and rough skin, reduce irritation and take care of moisturizing Entered 2023.11.12 17:10 Views 29 Entered 2023.11.12 17:10 Modified 2023.11.12 17:11 Views 29 In cold and bitter weather, you need to make an effort to drink enough water to prevent your skin from being damaged by the cold … Read more