The 20-year-old Barcelona academy player was killed..and escaped

The Barca Residency Academy, associated with Barcelona, ​​​​ announced the tragically death of the young player, Carter Payne, at the age of twenty, after he was hit by a car in the city of Statesboro in the Republic of Georgia, and its driver fled. “We are devastated by the tragic loss of one of our … Read more

Diabetes increases mortality in COVID-19

news Also obesity and high blood pressure by Michael Richter (17.05.2022) Obesity, impaired blood sugar metabolism and high blood pressure increase the risk of dying from COVID-19 in young adults and middle-aged people between 18 and 55 years of age to a level that is otherwise only observed in older people. This is shown by … Read more

Ghada Abdel Razek is very elegant in her latest looks (photo)

Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razek published a new photo of her on her personal account on the social networking site “Instagram”, with her latest photo session. Ghada Abdel Razek appeared with a soft look, wearing a distinctive black dress, leaving her tufts of hair hanging over her shoulders. The photo won the admiration of a … Read more

“Health Net” study: Low mortality rate of children infected with the epidemic!Doctors urge parents to take care of themselves first-Xinzhi Fax-Free Health Net

The doctor said that from a scientific point of view, parents who have not been vaccinated have a higher chance of being severely ill and dying after being infected than their own children. (Photo from Euronews News Agency) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) India’s Delta variant has a high transmission rate and … Read more

Preventive detention decreed for defendant for the disappearance of a minor in Valparaíso | National

With the precautionary measure of preventive detention, the 42-year-old man was accused of the disappearance and repeated rape against a minor who was missing for a week in Valparaíso. The hearing took place in the first room of the Valparaíso Guarantee Court electronically. In the instance, the Children’s Ombudsman requested not reporting situations involving the … Read more