The stock price of China Securities Construction Investment Co., Ltd. has been declining endlessly compared with the highest price in August last year. What are the reasons for the long-term lack of capital? _ Oriental Fortune Network

Original title: What are the reasons for the decline in stock prices and the long-term lack of capital?China Securities Investment Executives responded online Summary [CITICConstructionInvestment’sstockpricehasbeenfallingendlesslycomparedwiththehighestpriceinAugustlastyearwhichiscloseto”halved”!Whatarethereasonsforthelong-termlackofcapital?】In2020theperformanceofChinaSecuritiesConstructionInvestmentcontinuedtogrowbutthestockpricefellendlesslyAsoftheclosingofApril2nditwasreportedtobe3219yuanpershareComparedwiththehighestpriceinAugust2020thestockpriceiscloseto”half”andithasalsofallenItbroketheRMB3521ofthe”non-publicoffering”ofAsharesinMarch2020(TheBeijingNews) … Read more

The US commander warns that the CCP’s Dongfeng missile threatens the United States to defend Guam | Dongfeng Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile | Asia Pacific | Aircraft Carrier

[Epoch Times March 10, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Lin Yan reported) General Phil Davidson, the head of the US Indo-Pacific Command, warned on Tuesday (March … Read more

New foreign policy: Great Britain dares to confront China

NThe “HMS Queen Elizabeth”, the new marvel of the British Navy, is also anchored in the English port city of Portsmouth. The runway is the … Read more

#MeToo in video games: game over for attackers?

Until now, and after the #MeToo movement, the video game and its 150 billion dollar industry had been spared the examination of conscience. But, for … Read more