Coincidence revealed the secrets of the night of revenge and fire… the story of 3 people being killed and burned

11:22 PM Friday, January 20, 2023 Books – Muhammad Shaaban: At one o’clock last Saturday, thick smoke formed a black cloud in the village of Bani Salama, the center of Manshaat al-Qanater, north of Giza Governorate. The sound of the fire engine’s siren caught the attention of the people, who followed its route to its … Read more

Ministry of Interior: A policeman was killed in pursuit of highly dangerous elements in Alexandria

One person was killed the police While chasing high-risk criminal elements in Alexandria, two were seized, as part of a follow-up activity (3 high-risk criminal elements who are drug dealers in Dakahly Governorate, against whom many court rulings were issued in a number of cases, most notably “drugs – firearms”). It was possible to determine … Read more

Nadine Labaki in Switzerland… Fanny Ardan’s daughter in ‘Return to Alexandria’

Today, Lebanese director Nadine Labaki is in Switzerland, where she is doing dubbing for her role in the movie “Return to Alexandria” directed by the Swiss-Egyptian Tamer Rogli, in which she co-stars with the famous French actress Fanny Ardan. The movie is a road trip that was filmed between Egypt and Switzerland, where Labaki plays … Read more

The collapse of an inhabited house in Alexandria.. and eyewitnesses: they reveal

12:05 p.m Saturday 07 January 2023 Alexandria – Mohamed Amer: A 3-storey inhabited house collapsed, on Friday evening, in the Bahri area of ​​the Gomrok neighborhood in Alexandria, while the Civil Protection continues to search for survivors under the rubble. The Alexandria Governorate Operations Room received a report stating that a house had collapsed, in … Read more

“Egypt celebrates” celebrations in all governorates to welcome the new year. Video and photos

The governorates of Egypt witnessed a while ago parties A varied carnival, celebrating the New Year, which varied from one province to another. In the city of Aswan and all the cities of the governorate, which witnessed a festive atmosphere on New Year’s Eve amidst the aesthetic and civilized panorama of development, beautification and landscaping … Read more

Alexandria opera stars shine in memory of Farid al-Atrash, the king of the oud. Pictures

The Egyptian Opera House, headed by Dr. Magdy Saber, organized a concert this evening for the Alexandria Opera Ensemble for Arab Music and Singing, led by Maestro Abdel Hamid Abdel Ghaffar, at the Alexandria Opera House. The opera stars were encouraged by a selection of the most beautiful works of the late musician Farid al-Atrash. … Read more