Aminata Touré, former Prime Minister of Senegal: “Macky Sall cannot run for a 3rd term”

Published on : 28/03/2023 – 17:11 The former Prime Minister of Senegal (2013-2014) Aminata Touré gave an interview to France 24. While President Macky Sall cast doubt on a candidacy for a third term, Aminata Touré believes that the Senegalese constitution is “very clear” and that the Head of State absolutely cannot stand as a … Read more

“Macky Sall ineligible for 3rd term, declares ex-Prime Minister of Senegal Aminata Touré”

Aminata Toure, previously the head of the Senegalese government and now a presidential candidate for the 2024 elections, is working from the United Nations headquarters in New York to prevent Senegalese President Macky Sall from running for a third term. Toure argues that this would be a setback for democracy in Senegal, where the political … Read more

Aminata Touré after visiting Ousmane Sonko: “It is urgent to…”

Aminata Touré supports Ousmane Sonko. The former Prime Minister went to see him at Samu to inquire about the situation. “I went to Suma to express my sympathy to Ousmane Sonko and wish him a speedy recovery. There is an urgent need to seriously investigate this excessive use of force and repressive methods unknown in … Read more

Mimi Touré arrives at the Yewwi giga meeting and receives an incredible ovation (Video)

The Senegalese who responded to the giga meeting of the Yewwi Askan wi (Yaw) coalition which is currently being held at the Acapes plot of the Parcelles Assainies were surprised to see the presence of the former Prime Minister of Macky Sall, Aminata Touré. So much so that she received an incredible ovation during her … Read more

Outrage in Senegal after Marine Le Pen’s three-day visit to Dakar

Published on : 19/01/2023 – 13:34 The president of the National Rally (RN) group in the Assembly, Marine Le Pen, has made a three-day trip to Senegal, but the visit of the former French presidential candidate has sparked strong reactions in the country. MP and former Prime Minister Aminata Touré says to herself “ scandalized … Read more