Astronomers: Tracking special stars may find the edge of the Milky Way | Andromeda | RR Lyra star | Halo

[The Epoch Times, January 28, 2023](Compiled and reported by Epoch Times reporter Linda) Scientists said that by trackingMilky WayThe “heartbeat” of a special kind of star in the galaxy may find the boundary of the Milky Way. Trying to visualize the size of the universe is not only difficult and disturbing, but also full of … Read more

2 black holes discovered in the middle of a galaxy collision: Chilean astronomers participated in the discovery | Technology

The new discovery suggests that binary supermassive black holes may be much more common than previously thought. The finding is a preview of what could happen when our galaxy merges with Andromeda in the future. 500 million light years from Earth, in the constellation of Cancer, 2 supermassive black holes feed together as a result … Read more