Taylor Swift is Apple Music’s Artist of the Year in 2023

2023-11-08 18:35:21 Taylor Swift is Apple Music’s Artist of the Year, with 65 songs reaching the “Global Daily Top 100” of the “apple” music streaming service. Recognized for her versatility in her compositions, Taylor has had a great influence on the music industry. In 2023, the singer released the concert film Taylor Swift: The Eras … Read more

Apple Music or Tidal? Which is more worth it?

2023-10-20 19:54:58 In May 2021, Apple Music began offering lossless audio streaming. At the time, the company chose not to increase the price, despite the significant increase in data usage, due to the larger size of high-resolution songs, reaching 24-bits/192 KHz. This put Tidal in tough competition, as Apple Music was already installed on all … Read more

How to recover your Library on Apple Music

2023-10-19 13:11:41 Apple Music is one of the leading music streaming services available, offering users access to a vast music library. However, sometimes you may come across problems in your Apple Music library, such as missing songs, empty playlists, or annoying duplicates. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to help you troubleshoot … Read more

Music: a more expensive subscription does not scare away subscribers, according to the NMPA

2023-07-04 06:45:52 Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music in ambush. These are the 3 music streaming champions in the United States. Services which have, for two of them, gained subscribers despite a price increase. Streaming services are usually pretty tight-lipped about their subscriber numbers. Apple hasn’t said anything on the subject for four years, while … Read more

An update for Apple Music and Apple TV previews for Windows 11

2023-06-28 19:30:20 Apple has updated previews for Apple Music, Apple TV, and “Apple Devices” (the app that handles syncing) for Windows 11. All three apps are moving to version 1.3.054, as noted Real-X83 on Twitter. New features are not announced by Apple. Three updates. Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Devices: Apple’s new apps for … Read more