Watch the video.. Qusai Khouli reassures the star of Bab Al-Hara after the start of the treatment journey, and this is what he said

The Syrian artist participated Yahya Bayazi, A video clip through his official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, in which the Syrian artist appeared Qusai Kholi, He expresses his longing and love for Yahya. Qusai was also reassured about Yahya’s condition, wishing to meet him before returning to Syria. Qusai added that he was … Read more

In pictures.. Zainab Fayyad, daughter of Haifa Wehbe, accompanied by Burak Ozigvit

published Zainab Fayyad, The daughter of the Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe, A photo she collected with the Turkish artist Burak Ozigvit, through her official account on the social networking site “Instagram”. Zainab met Burak during a visit, which the latter is currently making to Kuwait, where she resides. Zainab wrote a funny comment on the … Read more

Watch the video.. Haitham Rafi launches “Willy” with a youthful atmosphere

Omani singer Haitham Rafi has released his new song, “Willy”, written by Marwan Lahri, composed by composer and arranger DJ Outlaw, mastering Matty Harris, produced by Platinum Records, and the video clip directed by Ahmed Tahan. The video clip brought together the colors, the beauty of nature, the sea, and the night in a rhythmic, … Read more

Cyrine Abdel Nour on her reconciliation with Maguy Bou Ghosn and Nadine Njeim: Forgive me, I made a mistake

The Lebanese star crossed Cyrine Abdel Nour Indirectly, she expressed her regret for the reconciliation session held by her co-star Maguy Bou Ghosn Years ago, I joined them alongside Nadine Njeim, Nadine Al-Rassi, Ward Al-Khal, Jesse Abdo and others. After Cyrine Abdel Nour’s statement during the Arab Media Forum in Dubai about Nadine Njeim’s refusal … Read more

Watch the video.. Haifa Wehbe releases her new song “Wald”

The Lebanese star launched Haifa Wehbe Her new song “Wald” is published on her official YouTube channel. The new song is written by Wael Tawfik and composed by Ahmed Mohy, while the video clip is directed by Elie Fahd. Haifa Wehbe promoted her new song through her official accounts on social networking sites, including her … Read more

A concert by Ayed and Mutref Al-Mutarrif in Kuwait on this date

Rotana announced, through its official account on Instagram, the release of tickets for the concert of the Saudi artist Ayedh And the Kuwaiti artist Mutrif Al Mutrifat the Arena Kuwait Theater in Kuwait City, for next Sunday, October 2, while the concert will be held on Thursday, October 20. It is noteworthy that the same … Read more