Watch the video.. Ilham Ali asks her fans about the series Crimea Heart and comments on his story

2023-06-20 16:29:31 The Saudi star launched Ali’s inspiration A special referendum was conducted through her official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, in order to determine whether the death incident in the first episode of the series “Crime of the Heart” was an ordinary accident or a murder. A large number of Elham’s followers … Read more

Colette El-Hellani publishes a group of childhood photos of her daughter, Marita, a week before her wedding

2023-06-05 05:53:34 published Colette El Hellani The wife of the Lebanese star Assi El-Hillani And the artist’s mother Marita El Helani A video clip through her official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, during which her daughter Marita appears with pictures from her childhood in the arms of her father, artist Assi El-Hillani, her … Read more

With documents.. Nadine Njeim’s legal agent explains: My client has separated from her ex-husband since 2021

2023-06-04 05:33:19 Dr. Antonio Farah, the legal representative of the Lebanese star, confirmed Nadine Njeim That his client has legally and legally separated from her ex-husband, Hadi Al-Asmar, since 2021. Lawyer Antonio Farah said in his statement: “It is clear to us that some are circulating false news about our client, Mrs. Nadine Nassib Njeim, … Read more

Nicolas Moawad’s Inspiring Performance in “The Price” and Heartfelt Exchange with Razan Jamal

2023-06-04 06:44:40 The Lebanese singer expressed Razan Jamal She expressed her great admiration for the performance of her compatriot, Nicolas Moawad, for the character “Karam” in the series “The Price”, which is currently being shown and is achieving great success. And the presence of the character “Karam”, played by Nicolas, ended at work due to … Read more

Electrical short circuit in Menna Fadali’s house.. What are the damages?

2023-05-31 16:16:11 The house of the Egyptian artist is shown Menna Fadali A large electrical short circuit, which led to large material losses and the burning of electrical appliances in it. Menna Fadali explained, through a post on her official account on the social networking site “Facebook”, what happened in her house, where she wrote: … Read more

In pictures, Nadine Njeim accompanied by Leonardo DiCaprio at the Cannes Festival

2023-05-26 11:41:28 Lebanese star Nadine Njeim published a picture of her with international star Leonardo DiCaprio, backstage at the Cannes Film Festival. Commenting on the photo, Nadine said, “I am very happy to see you.” The image spread widely on social media, and was transmitted by a large number of fans and followers of Nadine, … Read more

Marita El-Hellani with a special photo session from the farewell bachelorette party

2023-05-24 18:06:33 Published by the Lebanese artist Marietta El Helani Through her official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, a group of photos from the photo session that she held for the “Bridal Shower” or farewell bachelorette party. Marita appeared in bright colors while carrying roses, as she held a bachelorette party as her … Read more

“Watch Sherine Abdel Wahab and Hussam Habib’s Romantic Performance at Concert – Trading Fans’ Delight”

2023-05-14 15:37:55 Trading lovers and fans of the Egyptian star Sherine Abdel Wahab A video clip of her accompanied by her artist husband Hussam Habib At one of the concerts hosted by Sherine. Sherine Abdel Wahab appeared in the video while singing, accompanied by her husband, Hossam, their song, which they released four years ago, … Read more