U.S. pressures DUVs to ban China’s TSMC, UMC will benefit – yqqlm

The United States pressures DUVs to ban sales in China, and Taiwanese foundries such as UMC will benefit (photographed by reporter Hong Youfang) [Reporter Hong Youfang / Hsinchu Report]Foreign media reported that the United States is lobbying the Dutch and Japanese governments to require the sale of semiconductor equipment deep ultraviolet (DUV) lithography equipment to … Read more

US figured out how to crush China’s chip industry in one blow

<!– Эльяс Касми –> 06 July 2022 14:34 06 July 2022 14:34 | Share Washington wants to ban the Dutch company ASML from supplying lithography equipment to China. For ASML, the world’s largest vendor of such installations, China accounts for 16% of sales. The US wants to prevent China from developing its own chip production. … Read more

A difficult ASML between the US and China

Source = ASML website [팍스넷뉴스 정혜민 기자] What’s going on? Bloomberg reported on the 6th (local time) that the US will impose additional restrictions on exports to China on Dutch semiconductor equipment maker ASML. The Netherlands has already reached an agreement with the United States not to sell some equipment to Chinese semiconductor companies. The … Read more

TSMC’s advanced process drumming of war drums ASML EUV new equipment 11.8 billion bid – Free Finance

ASML is developing a new generation of EUV, a bid of 400 million US dollars. (Reuters) [Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report]TSMC, Samsung, Intel and other major semiconductor manufacturers have started the advanced process war, and the demand for EUV has greatly increased. The next-generation High-NA EUV equipment has higher precision and more design parts, and the price … Read more

The price of each unit is 200 million US dollars. ASML CEO said why their EUV exposure machine cannot be copied by others? | T Kebang

The price of each unit is 200 million US dollars. ASML CEO said why their EUV exposure machine cannot be copied by others? | T Kebang

In the town of Wilddhoven in the south of the Netherlands, near the Belgian border, there is the only factory in the world capable of assembling EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet) exposure machines.The world’s largest chip makers need this equipment. EUV exposure machines are the most expensive in the production of processor wafers. At present, only ASML … Read more

For which stocks it becomes critical

Trader on Wall Street Anyone who does not deliver is currently being punished on the stock exchange. Other stocks, on the other hand, continue to rise. (Photo: AP) Düsseldorf The mood on the stock exchanges has cracked: fears of significantly higher interest rates in the USA are growing among investors after the inflation figures there … Read more