Pakistan captain Babur Assam to get Rs 15-20 crore Pakistan | IPL

Islamabad: Former Pakistan cricketer Shuaib Akhtar has said that if he had played Indian Premier League cricket, Pakistan captain Babur Assam would have fetched between Rs 15 crore and Rs 20 crore. Akhtar said he was happy to see Babur Assam and Virat Kohli coming together for the opening one day. What an exciting moment … Read more

Pakistan’s best performance in 2021: India beat India in World Cup: Babur Assam | Babar Azam

Captain Babur Assam says victory over India in the Karachi Twenty20 World Cup will be the best moment for the Pakistan cricket team in 2021. Babur Assam’s revelation in a podcast released by the Pakistan Cricket Board. Babur said the loss to Australia in the semi-finals of the same World Cup was the worst moment … Read more