Bank of America Fined $250 Million for Excessive Fees: Consumer Protection Bureau Takes Action

2023-07-11 20:05:18 By Le Figaro with AFP Posted yesterday at 22:05, Updated yesterday at 22:05 According to the CFPB, the bank has “doubled down” on fees charged to customers who do not have sufficient funds in their account. Carlo Allegri / REUTERS U.S. bank Bank of America will have to pay $250 million in fines … Read more

“FOMO on the Stock Exchange: Psychological Effects and Dax’s Recent Rally” (or something similar depending on the focus of the website)

2023-05-22 15:45:00 Düsseldorf Psychological effects should not be underestimated on the stock exchange. A phenomenon that can be abbreviated to four letters seems to be playing a role: FOMO. The “fear of missing out” effect means many investors fear missing out on a stock rally. This is exactly what could help the Dax again this … Read more

US banks are calling on the government to protect deposits

Due to the crisis of American banks, due to the collapse of the banks “Silicon Valley” and “Signature Bank”, the “coalition of medium-sized banks in America” ​​is asking the US government to guarantee all deposits of their customers for a period of two years. The bankruptcy of Silicon Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank caused a … Read more

This time, it’s done: the dollar is exchanged against 40,000 Lebanese pounds on the market

In a pessimistic scenario relying on the immobility of the Lebanese political class, the Institute of International Finance (IFI) predicted in its latest report published last July that the Lebanese pound would continue to depreciate until it reached “40,000 Lebanese pounds the dollar by the end of the year”. In the end, we did not … Read more

US banks reduce their profits during the first half of 2022 | Economy

Investors are increasingly concerned that the central bank will be forced to push the economy into a recession to curb rising prices. America’s Major Banks -JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs y Morgan Stanley- announced that they reduced their benefits in the first half of 2022 compared to the first … Read more

Bank of America: Commodity prices will see biggest gain in 107 years this year

Summary [Bank of America: Commodity prices will see biggest gain in 107 years this year]March 26, Bank of America wrote on Friday that commodity prices are on track for their biggest gain in more than a century, while fixed-income assets have seen their biggest gains since the global The longest round of outflows since the … Read more