Boston Celtics: A ‘self-sabotage’ that can ruin your project

In recent days, the Boston Celtics have been the protagonist of the NBA Rumors. The main ‘insiders’ of the North American basketball competition announced that the Massachusetts franchise had positioned itself as the favorite to take over the transfer of Kevin Durant, for whom they had already launched an offer to the Brooklyn Nets. Said … Read more

NBA rumors: New York Knicks throw in the towel with Donovan Mitchell

As the days of the low season go by, it is less and less likely that Donovan Mitchell play next season at Madison Square Garden. According to NBA Rumors, negotiations between New York Knicks y Utah Jazz for the transfer of the star of the Salt Lake City franchise have stagnated dangerously in recent hours. … Read more

Boston Celtics offer risks for Kevin Durant

The decision is made and they will go to the end. Brad Stevens is one of the great connoisseurs of the current squad of Boston Celtics and, as much as they reached the Finals last year, he still has serious doubts about the compatibility between Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart y Jayson Tatum. The latter is … Read more

NBA Rumors: Options Kevin Durant signed by New York Knicks

In the American league anything is possible and NBA rumors around the figure of Kevin Durant they remain incessant and full of interest. That one of the best players in history has opened the door to his transfer in such an obvious way, generates incessant activity in all managements, eager to find a way to … Read more

NBA transfers: Gallinari formalizes his arrival at Boston Celtics

Danilo Gallinari He can be a very important piece in the competitive future of the Boston Celtics, having signed a two-year contract for 13.3 million dollars. The experienced Italian power forward will play a leading role in attack, coming off the bench to open the floor and alternating with Grant Williams in that 4 position … Read more

NBA Rumors: The New York Knicks player from whom the Miami Heat wants to get his transfer

The situation of Cam Reddish in New York Knicks It doesn’t look like he’s going to make it through this offseason. Since his arrival at the Big Apple franchise, coach Tom Thibodeau has not liked the player very much. That is why the Knicks are looking for a new destination for him in this transfer … Read more