Former UBS President Weber joins Boston Consulting

Dhe former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the major Swiss bank UBS, Axel Weber, switches to the consulting business. Weber started at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) last week, the management consultancy confirms on request. Weber will assume the position of Global Senior Advisor. In a post on the LinkedIn careers platform, BCG … Read more

Salary, application, advancement & benefits as a consultant

Working at the Boston Consulting Group “We have more applicants than ever before,” says Carolin Eistert, partner and head of recruiting at BCG. (Foto: Getty Images) Berlin In this series, we examine well-known employer brands from the company and employee perspective. This time it’s about the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) achieved … Read more

APEC 2022 CP joins forces with affiliated companies to promote BCG model using technology to drive business | TNN Tech Reports

Today we are going to talk to companies in the Charoen Pokphand Group. which is the communication and public relations partner of this conference in APEC #APEC #APEC2022 Channel 16 Channel to follow news station TNN Channel 16 https://www. @tnnonline Line @TNNONLINE or click Keep up … Read more