Lunar Eclipse, LIVE: Exclusive LR broadcast from Santa Eulalia, Lima | Peru | blood moon | red moon | Science

A total lunar eclipse like the one on May 15 has up to five phases. 1. Fase penumbral: the Moon enters the partial shadow (penumbra) of the Earth. During this stage, the satellite dims slightly. 2. Entry into the shadows: the darkest shadow (umbra) of the Earth begins to cover the near side of the … Read more

Spectacular lunar eclipse will be visible today in Peru | News

The lunar eclipse is an astronomical event, which consists of our planet preventing the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon, this causes a slight shadow that darkens the natural satellite. The fully eclipsed Moon takes on a dark reddish color (hence the famous name, “Blood Moon”), due to the separation of refracted light by planet … Read more

“Blood Flower Moon” Total Lunar Eclipse on Sunday How to Watch the Wonders | Blood Moon | Meteor Shower

[Epoch Times, May 14, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Xia Yu comprehensive report) The full moon in May this year will be red.On this Sunday (May 15) for the first time this yeartotal lunar eclipseDuring this time, the moon will glow scarlet, contrasting with its usual opalescent sheen. The partial lunar eclipse will begin at 10:27 … Read more