BP announces that its chief executive Bernard Looney is resigning “with immediate effect”

2023-09-12 21:01:05 By Le Figaro with AFP Published 2 hours ago, Update just now Bernard Looney, CEO of BP. AMR ABDALLAH DALSH / REUTERS The leader is accused of having hidden “personal relationships” with several colleagues within the group. British oil and gas giant BP announced Tuesday the resignation “with immediate effect» of its general … Read more

How the oil giants openly mock us

2023-07-25 19:02:06 The recent promotion of Patrick Pouyanné to the rank of officer of the Legion of Honor has caused controversy in France. But it comes after a series of wild claims from oil and fossil gas giants. As millions of people suffocate in unbreathable temperatures. For several days now — almost several weeks in … Read more

If the CPI rises above 3.7%, the base rate could be raised by 50 basis points. [뉴욕마감]

2023-07-10 21:06:14 Money Today New York = Correspondent Joon-Sik Park | 2023.07.11 06:06 (Washington AFP=News1) Correspondent Dongmyeong Woo = US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell appeared at a House Financial Services Committee hearing at the Washington Capitol on the 21st (local time) and said, “The process to get inflation back to 2% is going to … Read more

Notice of eligibility for Thiotepa for Injection, BP

2023-05-23 20:00:00 Pharmaceutical Drugs Directorate Holland Cross, Tour B 1600 Scott Street, 6th Floor 3106B Address Locator Ottawa ON K1A 0K9 File number: HC6-024-e256254Control number: 256254 Hikma Canada Limited [nom de l’employé enlevé] [le titre de l’employé enlevé] Hikma Pharmaceuticals (Portugal), SA Fervença / Estrada do Rio da Mó, nº 8, 8A & 8B Terrugem … Read more

BP returns to first-quarter profit after historic Rosneft-related loss

2023-05-02 07:32:12 By Le Figaro with AFP Published 55 minutes ago , Update just now BP Chief Executive Bernard Looney was pleased with a quarter of “performance solidein a statement Tuesday. BRUCE BENNETT British oil and gas giant BP posted a group share net profit of more than $8 billion in the first quarter against … Read more

The Price American Capitalism Places on Workers’ Lives: BP Fined $156,250 for Deaths of Two Refinery Operators in Ohio Explosion

In a slap on the wrist for one of the world’s largest oil companies, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fined BP Products North America $156,250 last week for the deaths of two workers at a refinery in September. For American capitalism, the life of a worker is extremely cheap. Ben and Max Morrissey, … Read more