Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctor Chen Gao’s Work in Ghana’s Friendship Hospital in Accra – Xinhua/Seth

2023-07-30 23:45:24 ACCRA, July 27, 2023 (Xinhua) — Chen Gao, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctor with the Chinese medical team in Ghana, talks with patients and medical workers at the Friendship Hospital on July 24, 2023. China-Ghana, in Accra, Ghana. (Xinhua/Seth) ACCRA, July 27, 2023 (Xinhua) — Chen Gao, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) … Read more

Get Exciting Discounts and Free Rides with MTR’s 7.1 Lucky Draw!

2023-06-26 09:01:48 7.1 discounts are coming! This time, MTR launched a 7.1 lucky draw and offers, giving away a total of 71,000 free local rides and 26 annual free tickets! But don’t be discouraged even if you don’t win the lottery, the Light Rail and Light Rail-related bus services on July 1 are all free! … Read more

Improving Immunity Through Acupuncture: Tips for Preventing Frequent Illness

2023-06-05 07:39:49 The hot summer is hot, the sun is shining, and everything grows, even bacteria and viruses are extremely active. If one is not careful, it is easy to be provoked by external infections, and Dona is one of them. Dona is a sick child. Whenever the seasons change or when the temperature varies … Read more

Happy Hong Kong | MTR “One-Click Instant Grab” large-scale reward distribution of $20 million e-coupons! Earn up to $1,300 in Beauty/Fashion/Electrical Appliances/Telecom Coupons! Grab 3 Wednesdays in a row, and watch the details! -Amount Express-Eating, Drinking and Playing-Life-ET Net Mobile

2023-05-08 09:07:52 The government’s “Happy Hong Kong” has launched a number of activities for everyone to participate in, and MTR malls also fully support it, launching a large-scale reward event “One Click, Grab Now”, and upgrading the $20 million e-coupon! When to grab? What coupons are there? Which shopping mall is applicable? Check out the … Read more

Octopus Card first out in the second season? After activating the Octopus UnionPay QR code, you can pay with just one beep! Open teaching now! -Xiaoshu Pantry-Workplace-Life-ET Net Mobile

2023-04-27 08:47:33 Can all Octopus be used in the Mainland? Octopus is expected to launch the physical “All-in-One Card” in the second quarter of 2023. By then, everyone can hold this card and use it across the country. But in fact, the Octopus Mobile App has launched UnionPay QR codes, which can be used in … Read more