Siddharta: Carla Ochoa’s Successful Infusion Venture Keeps Her Away from Television

2023-09-02 04:04:10 For several years the model Carla Ochoa (44) has not been seen on the small screen and everything seems to indicate that she has no intention of returning. A new idyll keeps her very busy and away from television. The former member of the “Morandé con Compañía” program confesses that she is absolutely … Read more

Artists Muhammad Mahran and Hussam Dagher hospitalized: Updates on their health status

2023-06-06 12:00:32 Barely hours passed after the artist, Liqa Swaidan, entered the hospital for urgent surgery, when news spread that the two young artists, Muhammad Mahran and Hussam Dagher, also entered the hospital, as Mahran suffered a health crisis, after which he was transferred to the hospital, and underwent urgent surgery, while Dagher announced that … Read more

“Actress Mayar El-Beblawy’s Sudden Health Scare: Latest Updates and News”

2023-05-19 14:20:38 The Egyptian actress, Mayar El-Beblawy, was transferred to the intensive care unit in a hospital, after she suddenly fainted after getting out of her car, heading to the studio in which she was presenting her weekly episode of the “Sweetest Talk” program on “Al-Shams” channel. Mayar El-Beblawi’s son revealed the latest developments in … Read more