To divert attention from Walter Araujo’s suspension of candidacy, Bukele compares himself to a fictional dictator | News from El Salvador

On Tuesday, January 26, the Constitutional Chamber determined that one of its most recognized candidates, Walter Araujo Morales, could not be registered as a candidate. … Read more

We regret that Bukele’s response to the Constitutional Chamber “is arms and force,” says Portillo Cuadra | News from El Salvador

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The Constitutional Chamber reiterates order to Bukele that it cannot prevent Salvadorans from entering the territory | News from El Salvador

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Sala admits protection of the former president of the BCR, Nicolás Martínez, and orders his immediate reinstatement | News from El Salvador

The position in which Martínez must be reinstated is that of “Financial Senior of the Financial Operations Management”, from which he was fired in November, … Read more