Website Title: “New Mexico Events: Red Dirt Black Gold, Aki Matsuri, Otero County Fair, and More!”

2023-09-24 06:00:00 Artesia Sept. 30 Red Dirt Black Gold The Annual Red Dirt Black Gold event takes place downtown at the Heritage Plaza. It is a free community festival honoring the gas and oil industry of the region. There will be entertainment, games and food. The free concerts feature Two of a Kind at 5 … Read more

Imported Labor in Hong Kong: Government’s Plan to Solve Labor Shortage in Construction, Aviation, and Transportation Industries

2023-06-16 10:32:00 [Look at China News, June 16, 2023](See Chinese journalists Liang Lusi and Li Jingyao interview and report) The Hong Kong government announced the approval of the “Industryimported labor“Plan” to import 20,000 people to solve the labor shortage problem. Among them, the upper limit of the construction industry quota is 12,000 people, the aviation … Read more

Check[Tomorrow’s pros and cons]with disclosure information! (Announced on June 5) | Featured Stocks – Stock Search News

2023-06-05 11:00:00 ROHM From the multi-function chart of “Kabu-Tan” 【Good material】 ――――――――――――― ■ SDS Holdings [東証S]A joint venture subsidiary will be established to fully develop the PPA business with AMG, which has formed a business alliance with a solar power generation system (PPA model) that utilizes recycled and reused panels. ■ ABC Mart [東証P]Same-store sales … Read more

TCMA joins forces with OPDC to develop personnel potential Mining, responding to BCG’s needs

TCMA supports the Department of Primary Industries and Mines (DPD) to enhance personnel potential. Supporting master’s degree scholarships abroad for the third consecutive year aiming to raise skills and knowledge in “Mining-Technology-Society” to be developed for the benefit of the industrial sector. in order to benefit the country’s economic sector according to the BCG guidelines. … Read more

Check[Tomorrow’s pros and cons]with disclosure information! (Announced on April 3) | Featured Stocks-Stock News

Shimamura From the multi-function chart of “Kabu-Tan” 【Good material】 ――――――――――――― ■ Fit [東証G]Subsidiary Fanta becomes LA Holdings Formed a capital and business alliance with LA Asset. ■ Sumishi Holdings [東証S]54% upward revision of ordinary income in the previous term and record highest profit for the first time in 5 years. In addition, according to a … Read more

Check[Tomorrow’s pros and cons]with disclosure information! (Announced on March 17) | Featured Stocks-Stock News

E-Infini From the multi-function chart of “Kabu-Tan” 【Good material】 ――――――――――――― ■ Gifu Landscaping [東証S] The dividend for this fiscal year has been revised upward by 5 yen. ■ Nitto Fuji Flour Milling [東証S]Selected as a borrowing stock by the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the 20th. ■ Crosscat [東証P] This term’s ordinary income has been revised … Read more