“Omicron”, the incubation period that must be careful. When is the ATK test to be accurate?

onset date A careful incubation period is 3 days before symptoms appear. Patients will begin to spread the infection even without symptoms. When the ATK … Read more

Clearly open 3 main symptoms “Omicron” found in Thailand Whoever has it, has to check ATK immediately.

past part Omicron symptomsIn Thailand, in the first phase, it is found The 8 most common symptoms were cough 54%, sore throat 37%, fever 29%, … Read more

Quick check “addicted to omicron”, what level of symptoms should you be careful of? after spreading 70 times faster

Omicron strain of covid It is a virus that can mutate up to 50 locations and spread very quickly. Even people who have been vaccinated … Read more

There is an appointment for “vaccination” to postpone 7 – 10 days. Urgent checklist 6 symptoms as follows.

stick “vaccination” amid the epidemic situation new strain of covid Oh Micron (Omicron) COVID-19 mutant species of the most concern during this period. Omicron ATK … Read more

Check ATK checkpoints with Drive Thru for free! for 4 risk groups

by both 4 risk groupswishing to receiveATK test with hospitals under the Bangkok Medical Office canrisk assessmentby yourself through the BKKCOVID19 system andRegister to reserve … Read more