Mallorca makes history against Real and will play in the Copa del Rey final | Soccer | Sports

PreviousLiveChronicle Penalties are cruel. Going to the shootout is the established way to unbalance an even tie, but there is always one team that ends up suffering and the other, in glory. This time it was Mallorca’s turn to rise to heaven and Real to burn in the hell of elimination. Javier Aguirre’s team made … Read more

Copa del Rey basketball: Real Madrid, a team made to win | Basketball | Sports

Although a few did jump off the bench when the final horn sounded, happy because they had won the Copa del Rey, there was not much commotion at Real Madrid, perhaps the circle they formed in the center of the pitch amidst cheers and jumping. Nothing excessive and without stridency, as if winning – and … Read more

Madrid plays with Valencia and returns to the Copa del Rey final | Basketball | Sports

This Madrid has long made victory a routine, a team that plays basketball and in step with the rival, who is already impatiently plucking the daisy leaves to find out how many titles it will win at the end of the course, incontestable in the League and in the Euroleague, also now in the Copa … Read more

This is how we counted Atlético de Madrid’s victory over Sevilla in the Copa del Rey | Soccer | Sports

Simeone: “Correa gave us vitality” Simeone: “They worked very well in defense. We couldn’t score. The changes were good for us, they gave us vitality. We found the goal and that gave us hope. We made some good plays in the first half. Correa is very unbalanced, they get things out of where there is … Read more

This is how we counted Athletic’s victory over Barcelona in the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey | Soccer | Sports

Valverde: “Having Iñaki here has been an important emotional boost” “A night to remember. It was a game that had everything, we had to come back, they also came back against us. But in the end, it was decided in our favor with the goals from Iñaki and Nico. The fact that Iñaki was “Here … Read more