Howitzers should also come: Sweden wants to send Ukraine 50 armored personnel carriers

Howitzers are also to come Sweden wants to send 50 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine 01/19/2023, 1:30 p.m Even if Sweden is not an international military heavyweight, the country wants to provide significant support to Ukraine. According to Prime Minister Kristersson, 50 infantry fighting vehicles and artillery systems as well as anti-tank weapons are to … Read more

50 Bradley armored personnel carriers: USA put together aid package worth billions for Ukraine

50 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles US puts together billion-dollar aid package for Ukraine 01/06/2023, 11:17 p.m Kyiv has been pushing for the delivery of tanks for months – without much success. But now the tide is turning. Germany supplies the Marder tank, the USA the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle. Kyiv is getting “exactly what is … Read more

Weapons aid for Tehran: Moscow probably wants to deliver fighter jets to Iran

Arms aid to Tehran Moscow wants to deliver fighter jets to Iran 12/26/2022, 12:55 am For the war in Ukraine, Russia is also using Iranian kamikaze drones. According to reports, Moscow is now retaliating with the delivery of fighter jets. Tehran could use new military aircraft. The Air Force mainly uses machines from before the … Read more

Biden “doesn’t want peace”: Russian embassy: Ukraine wages US proxy war

Biden ‘doesn’t want peace’ Russian Embassy: Ukraine wages US proxy war 12/22/2022 at 9:56 am After the visit of the Ukrainian President Zelenskyj to the USA, the words of the Russian ambassador in Washington come as no surprise: he accuses Ukraine of waging a proxy war for the USA. He accuses both states of not … Read more

There should be more weapons for Kyiv: Scholz: Kremlin claim about “dirty bomb” unfounded

Should give more weapons to Kyiv Scholz: Kremlin claim about “dirty bomb” unfounded 10/31/2022, 11:13 p.m Despite a lack of evidence, Russia maintains the allegation that Ukraine intends to detonate a radioactive bomb. The Chancellor firmly denies the accusations that the investigation by the International Atomic Energy Agency will remove any doubt. These have now … Read more

Debate on tank deliveries: Klingbeil: “It is important to prevent the Third World War”

Debate about tank deliveries Klingbeil: “It is important to prevent the Third World War” 09/23/2022, 02:08 am Germany, together with other Western countries, must stand united behind Ukraine, says the SPD chairman. In this context, unity also means not daring to go it alone when it comes to arms deliveries. Klingbeil rates the escalation potential … Read more