Zelensky calls for from the West greater than 100 F-16 fighters (VIDEO)

Ukraine and Western allies typically have “completely different views” on what the tip of the battle may appear like, Zelensky mentioned in an interview with AFP. “We wish the battle to finish in a simply peace for us,” whereas “the West needs the battle to finish. Interval. As quickly as potential. And for them it … Read more

Great Budapest programs for May 1 – Top list

On Labor Day, the best way to cap off our money-making activities is to sit back and just enjoy life and spring. For once, it sure is the weather will not be our bane in that, with rain, cold, wind, i.e. earthquakes and bad weather, it prevents us from going out on Labor Day. All … Read more

‘Dragon Ball Super’: The poor quality of the drawings of the new ‘Dragon Ball’ outrages Japan | Television

Goku is no longer what he was. Few series were as anticipated this year as Dragon Ball Super, the return of Akira Toriyama’s legendary series to Japanese screens. The result, however, could not be more disappointing. After a weak start but with signs of improvement and a more than decent animation, the fifth episode (where … Read more

“My family gave me wings” – 2024-02-24 15:50:02

The first big interview after her return from Qatar, where she made history in the world swimming championship, was given today by Panathinaikos Nora Drakos. The native athlete together with her ex-athlete and friend Christel Vournas were at the Peloponnisos FM studios as guests of Prokopis Kogou on the show “Entos-Kektos Edras”. Nora Dakou mentioned … Read more

Dragon with wet rice culture

Since Vietnam built its independence, the dragon has become the symbol of the monarch. Only the king is allowed to use dragon-shaped objects, such as the king can wear dragon robes, sit on the dragon throne, travel on long chariots… All things related to the king have the dragon symbol, or bear the dragon’s name, … Read more