A constellation of stars participate in “Dreams of the Age”

the date 3/19/2023 3:00:51 PM (MENAFN-Al-Bayan) Saudi actors and filmmakers Fatima Al-Banawi and Hakim Jumaa, along with a group of stars, participate in the Saudi movie “Dreams of the Age”, directed by Faris Quds, and produced by the Quds brothers, Fares and Suhaib Quds, who are famous for their successful film Shams Al-Maaref, and co-authored … Read more

15 Spanish series to watch on Netflix in 2023

It is still not possible to say that the hegemony of American cinematographic content has been defeated – but it has certainly been shaken by other nationalities of films and series. An example is Spanish productions, which, for some time now, have won favor with a large part of the public, especially with highlights received … Read more

See HD, Paris Saint Germain vs. Bayern München LIVE | schedule | what channel do they show on | how to watch the match broadcast today Champions League 2023 | Free Soccer | PSG Bayern LIVE | streaming links | Messi | Mbappe | Princes Park | SPORTS

+ LIVE | ONLINE | LIVE. And PSG-Bayern It is not a classic of European football, but the rivalry between the two has been growing in recent years with very close matches from start to finish and, due to fate, once again they meet again in a defining phase of the Champions League. the trident … Read more

Four types of women gather wealth, wealth and prosperity

High and wide forehead Born women with high, wide, wrinkle-free foreheads are those with a noble and powerful destiny (Artwork) These people are usually very smart, they will achieve certain success in whatever they do. Not only that, a high forehead also represents an open career, smooth sailing, no matter what difficulties, you will be … Read more

HTC unveils new Vive XR Elite augmented reality headset

HTC Company presented Vive XR Elite is a new augmented and virtual reality headset that does not require connection to other devices to work. Sales will begin in February 2023, the price is $1,000. The novelty received a pair of screens with a resolution of 2K (1920×1920 pixels) each, which support a refresh rate of … Read more

Claudio Castagnoli reacts to William Regal’s future in AEW

The latest rumors indicate that William Regal is about to leave AEW in order to join WWE, or even that he may have already left AEW. Today, Claudio Castagnoli was in an interview with the ”Dallas Morning News” to talk about William Regal’s decision to betray the Blackpool Combat Club, the tensions in the clan … Read more