Daikin bringt Pop-Up Store | TGA

Daikin provides energy efficient solutions for 2023 feel-good climate in your own four walls in Wels. Whether new construction, conversion or renovation – at the exhibition stand, experts will advise you on heat pumps, air conditioning systems and air purifiers as well as on state subsidies for heat pumps. >> Always up to date with … Read more

In the USA, Republican states rely on green energies

Windmills in Texas New wind and solar energy systems are constantly being built, especially in traditionally republican states. (Foto: Bloomberg/Getty Images) New York, Georgia, Denver “When people ask me what a wind turbine sounds like, I say it sounds like money,” says farmer Louis Brooks in his thick Texas accent. He owns a ranch larger than … Read more

Daniel Stelter: “The world is watching with amusement as we hit the wall”

Read more about inflation Europe’s common currency BUI: Fell Pletlel, tenl peO luplllnl tel BeOuphuole atenpeu 0b Blueeul pel Pnupeppelael, ple Butlllh houue eO ekepleu peen pellleaeu, ple luttelluu en pleOpeu. Pel pel Bnluoolpekeu Neulletpeuh pekeu unl aeuee 22 Blueeul ple Ueleulvullnua. Veteke Pekteppe eltenpeu plepe Nekteu? Beulet Pletlel: Ble Pelael uekOeu ple luttelluu uul … Read more

Economics boss explains: That’s how long inflation will last | politics

Economics boss explained | That’s how long the price shock will last She is Germany’s top economic expert! Prof. Monika Schnitzer (61) is the head of economics, the government’s top advisor – and knows how things are with jobs, inflation and energy supply. In BILD she explains the situation: Also interesting ► Expensive shock: Schnitzer: … Read more

GigawattFactory: Lusatia should become the green electricity mecca of Europe

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Large-scale power failure: Expert warns of blackouts

She goes around: the fear of a large-scale, lasting several days Power failure. According to the current trend radar from the software specialist Lexware, more than a third of the self-employed and small companies surveyed fear that they will not get enough energy in winter. Only 20 percent have a contingency plan in case gas … Read more