Schalke Rescue: Pressure, Performances, and Potential Expulsions

2023-12-06 00:13:59 Everything for the Schalke rescue! After the 4-0 win against ultra-weak Osnabrück team, Schalke’s sports director André Hechelmann (39) and coach Karel Geraerts (41) increased the pressure on the professionals of the crisis club (relegation place 16). The last games of the first half of the season in Rostock (December 10th) and against … Read more

Schalke 04: Rejected World Coach and Fear of Relegation – Latest Updates and News

2023-11-06 22:30:54 That would have been an interesting combination! Schalke 04 are languishing in the second division, but after two wins in a row they are back in 15th place, not relegated. The clear goal of promotion has now become a long way off, and the fear of falling into league three is spreading. also … Read more

Revitalizing Schalke: New Coach Karel Geraerts and his Golden Boots Lead the Way!

2023-10-11 17:35:31 Finally some shine back at Schalke! New coach Karel Geraerts (41/contract until 2025) started at the crisis club on Wednesday and led the first training session in gold-colored football boots. Somehow a signal! The successor to Thomas Reis (50/fired on September 27th) will immediately set the tone to save the Royal Grays (relegation … Read more

St. Pauli vs Schalke 2-1: A Thrilling Match with St. Pauli’s Victory

2023-09-23 20:21:24 22:36 90. Min 22:27 Conclusion:St. Pauli beat Schalke 2-1, celebrated their third win in the seventh game and remained the only second division team undefeated (four draws). As flattering as the 1-1 score at half-time was for S04, the Knappen deserved more in the second half. After the break, the Royal Blues set … Read more

Schalke vs. Holstein Kiel: A Second Division Duel to Determine Redemption

2023-08-25 15:20:50 In the next second division duel, Schalke will receive Holstein Kiel. Both teams go into Friday’s game with a bitter defeat behind them. While the Kielers have to digest a 2:4 against Magdeburg, S04 wants to get over the second defeat of the season. The 0:1 in Braunschweig was a real atmosphere killer … Read more

Exciting Cup Clash: Eintracht Braunschweig vs Schalke 04 – Live Updates and Highlights

2023-08-11 18:50:28 11. Min 20:56 The hosts again penetrate the Schalke penalty area, but the whistle is called back for offensive fouls. The last precision is currently missing at the BTSV. 8. Min 20:54 Suddenly Terodde got behind the defence, tipped the ball past Hoffmann, who was falling out, and was put down by the … Read more

Schalke’s Victory Against Kaiserslautern: Terodde’s Goal and Müller’s Saves Secure Clean Sheet

2023-08-06 19:10:32 Clearly won, but not played well! Rumpel 3: 0 against only nine Lauterer (red for Luthe, yellow-red for Tomiak) – Schalke is far from in the form of promotion. The difference in the first win for the return to the Bundesliga was made by the clipper and the keeper… Terodde continues to score, … Read more

Veltins Returns as Schalke’s Main Sponsor in Surprise Comeback – The Joyful News Schalke Fans Have Been Waiting For!

2023-07-27 21:47:50 That makes Schalke fans foam – with joy! Cult sponsor Veltins makes a surprise return on the royal blue chest. The brewery jumps in as the main sponsor for one season and, according to BILD information, should pay around 3 million euros. Veltins was a jersey partner at Schalke from 1997 to 2001 … Read more