How the owner of the Mattress Specialist store found a solution to cool down his establishment without air conditioning

2023-08-24 04:37:00 Alain Jamaer, the owner of the “Mattress Specialist” store, suffered from heat waves every summer. In his establishment, whose roof is a platform, the temperature rose as the sun beat down on the black roofing until reaching 30, even 32 degrees. But this summer, the situation is quite different. ******* *** ************* ********* … Read more

“Remembering Paulette Vilain: Former Director of Barigand School in Ghlin Passes Away at 93”

2023-05-12 15:05:00 It is an important figure of Ghlin who dies. Paulette Vilain, known to some as Mrs. Heersbrandt, has died at the age of 93. Teacher then director at the Barigand school in Ghlin, she marked many children who have now become adults. It is with emotion that they now recall the memories shared … Read more

“Evasion at Saint-Hubert: Inside the Prison Breakout and Investigation”

2023-04-21 17:24:34 ** ******* *** ******** ** ******** ** ** ****** ** ************* *** ******* ********** *** ** ***** *********** ******* *** ********* *** *** ******* **** ****************** *********** *** ****** ** *********** ******** ***** ** * ******* *** ********* ************ ** ***** *** ******** ************* ** ******** *** ******** ** ** ******* ******** ** … Read more

a loud bang heard by the neighborhood, the police and the army on the spot

Unknown persons detonated homemade devices overnight from Friday to Saturday in Eisden-Tuinwijk (Maasmechelen), in the province of Limburg, not far from the Dutch border. Residents of Bevrijdingslaan were first awakened around half past midnight by a loud bang, which rattled the windows of nearby homes. In the aftermath, a fire broke out in a garden … Read more

it is possible to circulate there despite the large crowds

“This is the first year that this tool has been used. It makes it possible to inform visitors and to be able to possibly redirect them if we can no longer welcome them in good conditions, ”explains Daniel Stoffels, the mayor of Waimes who is delighted with the influx of this Saturday. “There are people, … Read more

“Unemployment benefits must be limited in time, that is to say 2 years”

Published on Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 04:00 Par Didier Swysen Georges-Louis Bouchez is making his political comeback. The president of the MR outlines his priorities in terms of employment in Belgium. Exclusive interview. After energy, the second priority of the MR in this new school year is employment. “The crux of the problem is … Read more