Gasoline price today | These are the 10 cheapest gas stations in Barcelona today, Thursday, January 26

The fuel price, marked by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, They remain stable, with a slight upward trend. Many drivers, however, still choose to search for service stations with prices less prohibitive of its environment to preserve its domestic economy, especially after the discount of 20 cents per liter ceases to be in force … Read more

93 and 97 octane gasoline will decrease by $21.3 and $28.2 per liter

This Wednesday the National Petroleum Company (ENAP) reported the price of gasoline as of this Thursday, January 26. To the surprise of many, gasoline will have its biggest drop in recent months, reaching a considerable number of decreases. The state oil company announced that 93-octane gasoline will drop by $21.3 per liter, while 97-octane gasoline … Read more

Less than 2% of gas stations run out of fuel, motorists urged not to “take precautionary measures”

By Le Figaro with AFP Posted 58 minutes ago, Update 50 minutes ago The difficulties primarily affect the Paris region, with Hauts-de-Seine as the first department concerned (9.64% of stations affected) followed by Seine-Saint-Denis (8.89%). ADRIANO MACHADO / REUTERS The situation is improving slightly compared to the beginning of the week. Less than 2% of … Read more

why it is useless to rush to gas stations

If the shortages remain minimal for the moment, some French people still filled up on precautions this weekend in view of the social movement against the pension reform this Thursday. Some 3.75% of French service stations ran out of either petrol or diesel on Monday morning, according to public data analyzed by AFP, with the … Read more