averages soar –

Setback for the prices of refined products, while the rise in prices charged at the pump continues, in the wake of the strong increases recorded in recent days in the recommended price lists of the major brands: self-service petrol on average nationally over 1.87 euros /litre, diesel towards 1.81. According to the usual survey by … Read more

oil prices are rising –

Oil prices are galloping, with Brent close to 87 dollars, driven by prospects of economic recovery in China and the USA, while the attacks on Russian refineries create some tension on the refined products market. The national averages of prices charged at the pump showed little change after the increases over the weekend, while new … Read more

Live, Sergio Massa on the fuel situation: “we are going to continue defending the pockets of Argentines”

2023-11-01 11:16:00 The Minister of Economy and presidential candidate for Unión por la Patria Sergio Massa will broadcast a message this morning about the fuel situation. According to what was reported, the communication will take place at 8:15 Yesterday the provision of fuel at the 5,000 service stations throughout the country began to normalize “gradually” … Read more