“Dead by Daylight Collaborates with Supermassive Games for New Narrative Game”

2023-05-20 06:06:44 ▲ During the broadcast commemorating the 7th anniversary of Dead by Daylight, news of a new collaboration with Super Massive Games was delivered (photo source: capture of the 7th anniversary broadcast video) Supermassive Games presents a single Dead by Daylight story-driven single game. This game company has continued its unrivaled move in this … Read more

Critically acclaimed Dead Space remake receives positive reviews on Steam

▲ Dead Space Steam user evaluation (photo source: Dead Space Steam store page) The Steam user evaluation of Dead Space, which was well-received by receiving 89 points and 90 points from Metacritic and Open Critic, respectively, was also confirmed as a positive situation. As of the 28th, the Steam user evaluation of Dead Space remains … Read more

And, build, erect! Steam Construction Game Discounts Start

▲ Steam Construction Game Festival (Photo source: Steam official website) Steam started the Steam Construction Game Festival from 3 am on the 24th. The Steam Construction Game Festival, which is being held this time, focuses on games that require the ‘construction spirit’ to build habitable spaces regardless of the number or size of buildings. In … Read more

[겜ㅊㅊ] Over 97% recommendation rate, 5 ‘overwhelmingly positive’ games released last year

※ [겜ㅊㅊ]is a corner that recommends games that gamers can enjoy according to a special theme every week. Steam has a user rating feature. Occasionally, due to intentional group trolling by users, there are cases in which users receive reviews that do not fit the game, but in most situations, these user reviews are of … Read more