Underground drought in Europe changes the mass of the Earth!

Austrian researchers are using innovative satellites to measure the total amount of water present both on land, but also below the surface. The level of underground drought in Europe is so great that it changes the total mass of our Blue Planet. Europe is facing a historic drought for several years: the global level of … Read more

Hiding in Alaska’s lakes? Melting ice in Alaska is forming new lakes full of bacteria ‘belching’ methane into the atmosphere, NASA scientist warns

Researchers have discovered that the bubbles and bubbles coming out of some lakes in Alaska may be hiding a deadly weapon. These new lakes, known as thermokarst, are formed by the mass melting of Alaska’s ice sheets and permafrost. Due to climate change, Alaska’s ice sheets are melting and flowing. This also weakens the region’s … Read more

Financial institutions continue to support fossil projects, denounce several NGOs

Published on : 17/01/2023 – 07:39 Despite their integration into coalitions aimed at achieving carbon neutrality, the largest financial institutions continue to finance new oil and gas projects, denounces a group of NGOs in a new study. The largest financial institutions that have joined coalitions aiming to achieve carbon neutrality and compliance with the Paris … Read more

a busy week for climate mobilization

Par Jeanne Senechal Published on 03/13/2019 at 10:10, Update on 03/15/2019 at 15:42 “Deal of the century”, “climate strike” and “march of the century”, the weekend is busy for climate mobilization. JACQUES DEMARTHON/AFP Four NGOs are filing an appeal against the State this Thursday for “climate inaction”, while several mobilizations are organized in France at … Read more

The incredible experience of an American start-up to slow down global warming

Par Mark Cherki Published 2 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago The theoretical process aims to reproduce the effect of large volcanic eruptions, which temporarily cool the global climate by sending aerosols into the stratosphere. 546954430/Andrii Chagovets – stock.adobe.com STORY – A company claims to have sent sulfur into the stratosphere to deflect some of … Read more