Cruise ship “Viking Polaris” hit by monster wave – one dead

Fatal accident in Antarctica: A cruise ship got caught in a severe storm – and was hit by a monster wave. A giant wave killed one person and injured four others on an Antarctic cruise ship. The wave hit the “Viking Polaris” in the middle of a heavy storm, the Viking group said on Thursday … Read more

Mohamed Henedy’s lookalikes are getting one, the last of them in the movie Greenland

A case of controversy between followers and fans of the star Mohamed HenedyAfter they shared a scene from a movie, Greenland It includes one of the actors who resembles the star, Mohamed Henedy, to a very large extent, astonishing his followers. Looks like Mohamed Henedy And this was not the first time that there was … Read more

Scientists reveal a “creeping danger” from the largest island in the world

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" According to the study published in the newspaper, "Nature Climate Change"the island Greenlandwhich is the largest in the world, will lose a very huge amount offor iceregardless of current global efforts. The study stated that 3.3 percent of the ice sheet covering Greenland will inevitably melt, which is equivalent to … Read more

Massive loss of ice in Greenland worries scientists!

CountryGreenland saw temperatures as high as 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 degrees Celsius) last weekend, melting a massive amount of ice. Experts say it was enough to submerge West Virginia under a foot of water. Scientists from the US National Snow and Snow Data Center (NSIDC) told CNN that this “major melt”, from July 15-17, was … Read more

How futurologists imagined today’s travel in 1960

We don’t know exactly how we’re going to travel in the near future. Trend researchers and futurologists pretend to see more clearly. Experts trying to paint a picture of the future based on data. Such experts have always existed. Already two generations ago they described the world in which we live today. Our life today … Read more

The Sermeq Kujalleq Glacier in Greenland can be seen calving

Dhe reading and arithmetic in school was not his thing, but Sune Jerimiassen, 25, is a virtuoso on the fjord. The winch rotates, the line whizzes, flat fish carcasses appear on the surface of the water. Sune reaches for the fish – some sea wolves, a lot of cod, but mostly black halibut – and … Read more