OPPO’s New Foldable Phone: A Powerful Competitor to Samsung and Motorola

2023-08-26 05:19:31 Publication Date: 08/26/2023 – 08:18:57 AM Ju 24: OPPO is preparing to unveil its new phone, which it developed to compete with the new Samsung and Motorola foldable phones. According to the latest leaks, the phone will have a foldable structure from the middle, its dimensions are (166/72.2/6.9) mm, it weighs 189 g, … Read more

Nisreen Tafesh in the latest appearance.. An orange view of a swimming pool (photos)

2023-08-07 21:14:54 The artist, Nisreen Tafesh, continues to interact with her followers through her accounts on various social networking sites. The artist, Nisreen Tafesh, shares with her followers the latest photos and videos documenting moments of her private life, which they interact with remarkably. In continuation of this situation, Nisreen Tafesh shared a new set … Read more

Basma Bousil raises controversy with a bold look (video)

2023-07-25 10:58:58 Tell me – Social media users and followers of artist Basma Bousil, Tamer Hosni’s ex-wife, criticized her latest looks for being unaccustomed to exposing her body. Bousil, through her official account on Instagram, published a video clip in which she appeared bold with an exposed view of the abdomen, a new “tattoo” and … Read more

Myriam Fares on the beach.. (photos)

2023-07-17 09:19:02 Lebanese singer Myriam Fares is enjoying her summer vacation on a beach in Lebanon. Myriam Fares published a set of photos on her Instagram account, in which she appeared in two different looks. Earlier, Myriam Fares published a group of photos from her vacation with her children on one of the islands. And … Read more

Iman Al-Assi narrates the tragedy of being harassed

2023-07-03 22:31:47 Tell me – the artist, Iman Al-Assi, spoke about her divorce and the suffering she went through, and in addition to that, she talked about an incident of harassment she was exposed to as a child. Iman Al-Assi said during televised statements: I got married, got pregnant, left, and divorced in the same … Read more

After 16 months, Kylie Jenner changed her son’s name

2023-06-27 12:19:50 Tell me – Kylie Jenner obtained the right to legally change her son’s name by court decision, 16 months after his birth. On June 22, 2022, Jenner requested that her son’s name be legally changed from Wolfjack to Airey, according to court documents obtained by Biol on Monday. Jenner, 25, and her partner, … Read more

Insight into the Al-Omari Border Crisis: Reasons and Video Evidence by Alaa Nagy

2023-06-23 19:06:00 Tell me – Alaa Nagy An informed source revealed, on Friday evening, the reasons for the Al-Omari border crisis that the border crossing with Saudi Arabia witnessed this afternoon. The source told Khaberni website that the crisis occurred due to the security checks on Syrian citizens coming from Saudi Arabia to Jordan, in … Read more

The poster was stolen from Tamer Hosni .. and my brother

2023-06-18 08:03:34 Tell me – In his usual comedic style, Egyptian star Mohamed Heneidy teased his fans by releasing a poster for his new movie “Al-Marai Al-Primo”, which is expected to be released in theaters during the summer season, imitating the poster of his compatriot Tamer Hosni’s movie “Taj”, which is expected to be shown … Read more