Conas finds five “highway pirates” :: La Prensa de Lara

Euseglimar González | LARA’S PRESS.- Five men were arrested by officials of the Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Group (GAES), attached to Conas-Lara, for being some “highway … Read more

Gabriel Coronel tested positive for the coronavirus :: La Prensa de Lara

THE PRESS OF LARA | Agencies.- Venezuelan actor GAbriel Coronel has surprised all his fans by announcing that he was infected with coronavirus. Coronel, who … Read more

Chilean authorities evicted Venezuelans who were camping :: La Prensa de Lara

Agencies | LARA’S PRESS – Chilean authorities they evicted at least 60 Venezuelan migrants that were installed in tents in the town of Magpies on … Read more

Shock over the death of a religious de La Salle :: La Prensa de Lara

Euseglimar González | LARA’S PRESS.-He murder of Luigi Manganiello, 49, not only shocked the members of the La Salle community in Barquisimeto but also the … Read more

The Pope asked “to put an end to the suffering of Venezuelans” :: La Prensa de Lara

Agencies | THE PRESS OF LARA – He papa Francisco gave this Friday the blessing “Urbi et Orbi” of Christmas. In his speech – this … Read more

Hospital of Mérida without capacity to attend cases of COVID-19 :: La Prensa de Lara

Agencies | THE PRESS OF LARA – The interim government commissioner for Health and Health Care for Migrants, Jose Manuel Olivares, alerted that the hospital … Read more

More than a thousand Larenses arrested for violating sanitary regulations :: La Prensa de Lara

Drafting | THE PRESS OF LARA.- Lara’s security forces have detained more than a thousand people since the plan began “Safe Christmas 2020“, as reported … Read more

They warn of a risk in the Guri Dam Powerhouse :: La Prensa de Lara

Agencies | THE PRESS OF LARA – The Simón Bolívar Hydroelectric Plant, located in the Guri dam, is trading above its maximum and is using … Read more

They detain Zelaya at the airport with $ 18,000 in cash :: La Prensa de Lara

Reuters | THE PRESS OF LARA.- The former president of Honduras Manuel Zelaya said on Friday that he was “unfairly” withheld at the main airport … Read more

Arrested for allegedly abusing a young man with a disability :: La Prensa de Lara

Orozco / Sosa | THE PRESS OF LARA.- The mother of a 17 year old teenager, with intellectual disability, he realized on Friday, November 20, … Read more