IBBI invites stakeholders comments to modify regulations issued till date

2023-05-05 15:28:38 Common man as a stakeholder in the Indian insolvency and bankruptcy ecosystem can now help modify the regulations and enhance the overall efficiency of the IBC framework. Insolvency regulator IBBI has resorted to an exercise of ‘crowdsourcing ideas’, inviting the public and stakeholders of IBC to suggest changes that may be required to … Read more

Close these C&A stores | money

During Corona, the trend towards online shopping increased. Has the classic department store become obsolete? The big department store chains in particular are feeling the effects of this. The consequence: One branch after the other is closed. C&A is closing three branches in Germany, and Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof has between 131 and 90 branches on … Read more

Sam Bankman-Fried: He blew up $11 billion | News

Nassau – In court he wore a suit and tie and was not aware of any guilt. He was “not guilty” on eight counts, claimed ex-crypto king Sam Bankman-Fried (30, called SBF). Not guilty of crashing his cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Not guilty of defrauding hundreds of thousands of investors out of their money. Not guilty … Read more

Boris Becker – that’s what the lawyer says: “Attempted murder could have consequences” | entertainment

Celebrity lawyer Paul Vogel (48) knows the Becker case very well. The lawyer followed the interview closely, telling BILD: “The most emotional interview of the year is certainly not exaggerated.” Read with BILDplus what the legal expert says about the Becker interview – which words could have legal consequences and how Becker’s appearance could affect … Read more

First appearance after FTX crash: SBF has its back to the wall

Sam Bankman-Fried also performs at a New York Times event. It is the first public appearance by the founder of crypto exchange FTX since its collapse. Meanwhile, the question arises: why is the FTX founder giving this interview? One can speculate about that. The picture fits. Sam Bankman-Fried sits in a corner with his back … Read more

Reactive Peru | Some companies turn around Reactiva to avoid paying debt | credits | companies | ECONOMY

Thus, there are companies thatthey have gone from alive”, since they have declared insolvency and have withdrawn their RUC in order to not comply with the payment of their Reactiva loans, he pointed out. Walter Rojascentral business manager of Caja Cusco. What is happening in these cases is that no matter how much they have … Read more