Cherry Blossoms in Tai Po|The cherry blossoms in downtown Tai Po are in full bloom!Even if you don’t enter the suburbs, you can see the pink petals flowing

Cherry blossoms in Tai Po are in full bloom! In addition to going deep into the suburbs, you can also enjoy cherry blossoms on the streets of the city. In Tai Po District, the cherry blossoms are already in full bloom among the houses, and the pink corollas are fluttering in the breeze, giving people … Read more

DONKI open warehouse clearance price discount 10% off!The average price starts from $5 at designated stores, and must-sweep daily necessities and cosmeceuticals

[DONKI Warehouse Opening Promotion]DONKI launches warehouse clearance! DON DON DONKI has recently launched a store opening discount, with a discount of as much as 50% off on various types of goods. This time, it also launched a special area for discounts, starting at an average price of $5 and $10, including cosmeceuticals, daily necessities, household … Read more

MUJI Causeway Bay opening discount up to 30% off!Consecutive 6-day sale on men’s and women’s apparel/homeware

MUJI MUJI store opening discounts are as low as 70% off! Starting from February 22, MUJI will hold a store opening promotion in Causeway Bay. A variety of selected products are on sale with discounts as low as 70%. If you want to buy selected men’s and women’s clothing, household items, etc., don’t miss it! … Read more

Supermarket hot selling $5 packs of Taiwan-style oyster noodles!Netizens praised Jinjiashi: 1 pack can cook at least 6 bowls

You don’t have to go to a restaurant to eat oyster noodles, you can taste them at home! Recently, a table-style oyster noodle line became popular, and it is very affordable. Each pack of instant noodle line can be bought for as little as $5, and it has been well received by netizens. They praised … Read more

Lai Chi Kok Tulip Garden is super beautiful and super romantic. The flowers are in full bloom, just like being in the Netherlands!free admission

Lai Chi Kok Tulip Garden is super beautiful! From now on, a cultural center in the district will exhibit thousands of tulips it has grown, and will add a super-beautiful check-in wall for citizens to take pictures. Currently, the tulips are in full bloom, and admission is free. See the address and details of the … Read more

Taipei Air Ticket Discounts!Hong Kong Airlines launches Taipei round-trip ticket at $1,469 with tax, morning flight to late flight back

【Taipei Air Ticket Discount】Taiwan announces free travel for Hong Kong and Macau residents, Hong Kong Airlines launched Taipei ticket discount! Hong Kong Airlines has launched a new round of flat ticket discounts. Among them, the average one-way flight from Hong Kong to Taipei is as low as $735, and the round-trip tax is the lowest … Read more