[Pokemon GO]New difficulty level “Epic Raid” will be implemented. The first time starts at 11:00 on October 16th | AppBank

『Pokémon GOIt was announced that a new difficulty level raid battle “Epic Raid” will be implemented in . Timeless Hoopa is coming to Epic Raids The details of the “Epic Raid” announced this time are as follows. Starts 24 hours after the Raid Egg appears The Raid Boss appears for 30 minutes after the egg … Read more

[Pokemon GO]I want to get only this !? What you can do on the last day of evolution focus | AppBank

Today, October 11, 2022 (Tuesday), “Pokémon GO(Pokémon GO)”, the “Evolution Focus Event” currently being held will end. Great for building up strength The “Evolution Focus” event, which has been held in “Pokemon GO” since October 5, 2022 (Wednesday), will end today, October 11, 2022 (Tuesday). In this event, as a new Pokemon Esper type Pokemon … Read more

[Pokemon GO]You should control the gym with the super firepower of Mega Evolution. Pokécoin collection may be even more efficient !? | AppBank

『Pokémon GO]let’s use Mega Evolution Pokémon to efficiently perform gym battles. Let’s use Mega Evolution Pokemon with broken firepower With the increase in the price of PokéCoins on October 6th, many Trainers are slowly becoming accustomed to collecting PokéCoins in gym battles. It’s good to attack with powerful Pokemon such as Mewtwo and Darkrai.A Mega … Read more

[Pokemon GO]Let’s collect Pokecoins efficiently. Gym Attacker Strongest Pokemon List[Updated October 2022]| AppBank

『Pokémon GOIntroducing the strongest class Pokemon in the gym battle. Efficient Gym Battles = PokéCoin Collection Efficiency UP The other day, due to the impact of the depreciation of the yen, the price of the in-game currency “Pokecoin” was raised. Also, the contents and prices of the sale boxes have been narrowed down recently, so … Read more

[Pokemon GO]Problem! Who is this shadow? The point is the shape of the head and that recent event | AppBank

『Pokémon GO]The 117th revival of the artist’s illustration quiz! Higher difficulty this time This illustration project was launched as a special project at the beginning of 2020.After reviving at the request of the readers, this timeChapter 117。 This project is a writer of AppBank.netedamameThe illustration of Pokemon drawn by the painter, me who is the … Read more

[Pokemon GO]A chance to get a rare poke pearl !? You can get that limited code until tomorrow | AppBank

『Pokémon GO(Pokémon GO)”, a collaboration event with official partner companies, “Pokémon GO” Partner Research (Partner Research), will be accepted at “FamilyMart” tomorrow, October 10, 2022 (Tuesday). ) ends. Shop at Famima and get a code From September to October 2022, a joint project “Partner Research” with stores of official partner companies of “Pokemon GO” is … Read more