The 10 most expensive signings in Arsenal’s history… Jesus is fifth

Arsenal officials succeeded in resolving the deal of Brazilian Gabriel Jesus, Manchester City striker, to support the Gunners attack, in a deal worth 52 million euros and a 5-year contract, and only the official announcement of the deal remains.. The “Transfer Market” network, which specializes in the market numbers of players, published a list of … Read more

Rachid Lazrak publishes the Arabic version of his book “Jesus, a great biblical figure from the Koran”

Rachid Lazrak, doctor of state in public law and graduate of the Institute of Political Studies in Paris, returns this year with the Arabic version of “Jesus, a great biblical figure from the Koran”. He will also be present on Saturday June 11, 2022 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at SIEL (“La Croisée des … Read more

Will Arsenal’s summer transfer plans stop if they don’t make it to the Champions League? |

The consequences of Arsenal’s disastrous performances at Tottenham and Newcastle were undoubtedly severe. Now, there is a lot of scolding on social media, both pundits and arch-enemies fans are sparing no effort to attack Arteta’s team. Of course, Arsenal still have a very slim chance of qualifying for the Champions League, but that would require … Read more

Premier League-Jesus scored in a row, Foden 2 assists, Manchester City 4-0 win and lead – yqqlm

Manchester City lead with a 4-0 win At 19:30 on May 1st, Beijing time (17:30 on April 30th, local time in the UK), the 35th round of the Premier League in the 2021/22 season will compete for a focus game. Manchester City away from Leeds United 4-0, Rodri, Azerbaijan Ke, Jesus and Fernandinho scored successively, … Read more

our selection of books to better understand the life of Jesus

♦ Christ condition of Jesus Christ before Jesus. A paradox validated by history by André Paul Deer, 216 p., € 20 There is no lack of works which, on the basis of the New Testament, attempt to define the personality of Jesus, by seeking to distinguish the Jesus of history and that of faith. However, … Read more

Versus / Jesús Medina said goodbye to New York City and is ready to go to Europe

Paraguayans abroad 20 Dec 11:48 After four seasons at New York City FC, Jesús Medina’s history with the club came to an end. The player himself announced it through his social networks and is ready to embark on his first European adventure. “Thank you New York City FC for all these years. They have been … Read more