NFL at Christmas: Coldest games in week 16

Week 16 of the 2022 NFL season is the league’s Christmas Day. Most games take place on Christmas Eve – December 24th. However, since it is already the end of December, wintry temperatures below freezing are expected in some parts. ran shows you the NFL games on Gameday 16 where the coldest conditions are expected. … Read more

Buffalo Bills, Dane Jackson: First all-clear after serious injury

Sport Buffalo Bills Slight all-clear after a bad injury in the NFL Status: 09:36 a.m | Reading time: 2 minutes An ambulance drove onto the field and took Jackson away Source: AFP/Joshua Bessex Buffalo Bills’ Dane Jackson crashes into a teammate. His neck is clearly stretched backwards. The NFL game against Tennessee is suspended. The … Read more

Statement! Bills dissect the Rams in the opening game

The 103rd NFL season has begun – and the defending champion has to address a few construction sites after the first game: The Los Angeles Rams clearly lose the opening game against the Buffalo Bills with 10:31. The Bills impressively underpin their title ambitions with their first appearance. Rams vs. Bills: At a Glance The … Read more

Lamar Jackson lashes out at speculation he wants to leave the Baltimore Ravens

The star quarterback’s refusal to enter into negotiations toward a contract extension has sparked rumors that he has his sights set on free agency, a version the 2019 NFL MVP has ruled out. OWINGS MILLS — Lamar Jackson wants to put an end to all speculation that he is looking to leave the Baltimore Ravens. … Read more

The Jacksonville Jaguars hope it’s the last time they’re big free-agent buyers

Although they opened the checkbook generously in the early days of the current open market, the bet in Jacksonville remains on the draft and developing their own talent, rather than bringing it in from abroad. JACKSONVILLE — Los Jacksonville Jaguars were big buyers at the agency, again, and the general manager Trent Baalke hope it’s … Read more