Jurgen refuses to pay his deposit of 2,074 euros, which he considers “twice too high”, but his energy supplier threatens him to close the floodgates: “It’s scandalous”

“This greatly increased amount was imposed unilaterally and was in no way adapted to our consumption,” Jurgen Exelmans told our colleagues at Newspaper. If Jurgen doesn’t pay, Octa+ threatens to stop supplying him with energy. The first time the supplier wanted to increase his down payment, Jurgen refused and the story ended there. This time … Read more

Were we headed for a Jürgen Conings bis case in Belgium? A Walloon soldier with a very disturbing profile suspended from his duties!

Published on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. According to Le Soir and Knack, a soldier from Florennes was sidelined because of his particularly worrying profile, which is reminiscent of a certain Jürgen Conings. Were we headed for a Jürgen Conings bis case in Belgium? Everything leads to believe it. According to Le Soir … Read more

Jurgen Klopp spoke about the final lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League and challenged them | Champions League

Liverpool lost this Saturday the final of UEFA Champions League against Real Madrid, with a goal by Vinicius Jr. The players of the English team were emotionally shaken after losing the European title in Paris, but their coach raised their spirits with words of “proud dad”. Jurgen Klopp spoke at the end of the game … Read more

after the words of the president of the committee R, the PS calls on the Chamber to take up the file

Posted on Friday, October 22, 2021 at 8:26 p.m. Through Sudinfo with Belga The PS on Friday called on parliament to examine as quickly as possible the words of the president of the R committee, Serge Lipszyc, who denounced a desire to promote extremism, in particular the extreme right, in certain strata of the state. … Read more

Byung-Chul Han: That is why a rational discourse is no longer possible today

Dhe small-format volumes of “Happy Science” from Berlin’s Matthes & Seitz Verlag offer advanced theoretical thinking in iPhone format. Anyone who opens one of the latest volumes in the series will be immediately reminded of those years when great thinkers had no first names: Byung-Chul Hans “Infocracy” – it is not the first volume of … Read more

Gerhart Baum: “I wrote a letter to Thomas Mann as a high school graduate”

“Books have always been a magnet”: Gerhart Baum remembers how he, born in Dresden in 1932, rummaged through local second-hand bookshops as a twelve-year-old boy. After the bombing of Dresden in February 1945, he fled to Bavaria with his mother and siblings; the father stayed in the war. Baum attended high school in Tegernsee, became … Read more