7 Wendy Walters Confessions That Made Her Strong in Choosing to Divorce Reza Arap

Wendy Walters and Reza Arap/Photo: Instagram/ybrap Jakarta – YouTuber Reza Arap’s household chaos and Wendy Walters It’s been a hot topic of discussion lately. The issue of Reza Arap having an affair with himself began to blow after Wendy was seen uploading a tweet on her social media indicating that her husband had an affair. … Read more

All of Indonesia is Fooled, Not Luna Maya But Indra Bruggman Admits He Will Marry The Artist Who Is Also Branded As Ariel NOAH’s Ex-Girlfriend!

Figure.ID – Actor handsome, Indra Bruggman had achieved success in his career several years ago. For your information, Indra Bruggman is actor whose name once shone brightly in the 90s. It doesn’t stop there, Indra Bruggman once dubbed as one most expensive actor on time. In contrast to his career success, love life Indra Bruggman … Read more