TD Ramakrishnan Shares Updates on ‘Bhramayugam’ Movie and New Book at Sharjah Book Festival

2023-11-05 06:00:40 05 November 2023, 11:30 AM IST Mammootty, TD in ‘Bhramayugam’ movie poster. Ramakrishnan | Mathrubhumi Sharjah: Literary TD Ramakrishnan says that he is working on the second part of Francis Ittikora. The title given to the second part is ‘Praise be to Korappapan’. He shared about the new work when he visited Mathrubhumi … Read more

If there is a biopic on Oommen Chandy’s life, who should be father and son; Answer by Chandi Oommen

2023-10-20 13:36:00 MLA and son Chandy Oommen are sharing memories about Oommen Chandy. He said that if there is a biopic on Oommen Chandy’s life, Mammootty should be the hero. Chandy Oommen was speaking in an interview given to Rekha Menon. The question was, if Oommen Chandy’s life is made into a movie, who should … Read more

Mammooka had said that the Kannur squad would fall if that did not happen – Aziz Nedumangad

2023-10-18 16:26:00 Mammooka had said that the Kannur squad would fail if that did not happen: Aziz Nedumangad Aziz Nedumangad talks about the fear they all had during the Kannur squad shoot. Aziz said that Mammootty had said that if the people did not come with us during the journey of the film, the film … Read more

Lal sir said that the story is full of violence, Murali Chetan said ok but that didn’t happen.

2023-10-16 17:57:00 Joshi’s Dhruvam was one of the super hit films in Malayalam. But director and screenwriter A. said that the story was prepared for another film and later turned into a pole. K. Sajan says. While talking about his new film Pulimada starring Joju George, he shared his old movie memories. Sajan was speaking … Read more

Mammooka said which Siddique sir, I called you because I said- Saju Navodaya

2023-10-14 17:51:00 Actor Saju Navodaya says Mammootty suggested him for Siddique’s Bhaskar The Rascal. Saju said that Mammootty himself said this after the release of the film. In an interview to Master Bin Channel, Saju said that Mammootty knows many mime artists like him and he has given them all a chance. I am acting … Read more

Mammooka dismantled the Kannur squad; The film will earn a hundred crores- I.M. Vijayan

2023-10-08 14:30:00 Mammooka dismantled the Kannur squad; The film will earn a hundred crores: I.M. Vijayan Mammootty’s acting in Kannur Squad is good and the film will earn 100 crores, former Indian football captain IM said. Vijayan. IM said that Mammootty has acted in a good way in the movie and everyone has given a … Read more

No matter what the theme is, isn’t it a movie, a heroine?; Shahida Kamal on Mammootty’s post

2023-10-05 14:58:00 Women Commission member Shahida Kamal congratulates the Mammootty film Kannur squad. Shahida said that most of the things told in the film about the police system are accurate. But Shahida said that she did not agree with the estimate that only 20 percent of the policemen were good and at least 40 percent … Read more

That salute of the Kannur squad was given to the legend Mammooka; He was living in cinema – Ankit Madhav

2023-10-04 17:38:00 Mammootty’s Kannur Squad, directed by debutant Robbie Varghese Raj, hit the theaters on September 28. Actor Ankit Madha also appeared in an important role in the film. Ankit played the role of Yogesh, a policeman from Uttar Pradesh in the film. The audience gave great comments to Ankit’s character. Now Ankit is sharing … Read more