Matías Mier moves away from Melissa Martínez: he leaves Colombia | Where will Mier play in 2023? | soccer trivia

Matías Mier made a decision for his peace of mind, to fulfill his life and career dreams, and perhaps to escape so many comments that continue to link him to Melissa Martínez, his ex-wife. The Uruguayan soccer player announced this Sunday that he was leaving the country and immediately got on a plane to leave … Read more

Emiliano Martinez buys a ferocious dog to guard his World Cup medal

Emiliano Martinez, the Argentine goalkeeper and the English Aston Villa team, and the Qatar World Cup champion, bought a new dog to guard his gold medal, which he won in Doha, and the best goalkeeper award. The new dog, of Belgian origin, of the ferocious Malinois, has been specially trained, weighing up to 30 kilograms, … Read more

FIFA World Cup 2022: Messi and Mbappe are not over each other despite scoring goals; Video – Mbappe and Messi celebrate goals in each other’s faces; Video

Argentina took the lead three times in the match with the goals of Messi and Di Maria. But Mbappe fought back and brought France together with a hat-trick FIFA World Cup 2022: The FIFA World Cup final was not just a France-Argentina clash. It was also a match between Lionel Messi, the best player in … Read more

Martinez mocks Mbappé by asking for a minute’s silence for the French striker (video)

During the final victorious attempt, that of his defender Gonzalo Montiel, the Aston Villa goalkeeper collapsed on the lawn, arms crossed, remaining for long seconds without seeming to understand, before being hugged by Paulo Dybala. Additional reward, the goalkeeper was named best goalkeeper of a tournament where his stops have often saved Argentina, as for … Read more

FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar star Messi himself, Mbappe Golden Boot; Awards

Messi was the engine of the team when Argentina lifted the third World Cup in history FIFA World Cup 2022: Argentina captain Lionel Messi won the Golden Ball award for the best player of the 2022 FIFA Football World Cup. The player has scored seven goals in seven games in the world. Also had three … Read more

Iciar Martínez: “Precision medicine is the future and the Balearic Islands are several steps ahead”

In addition to being Coordinator of the Balearic Islands Genetics and Genomics Unit, Dr. Iciar Martinez He also directs the Unit of Molecular Diagnosis and Clinical Genetics of They are espases, the only one on the islands. He advocates precision and personalized medicine as a way to enrich and, above all, alleviate the health system … Read more