“Mysterious and Unexplained Phenomena: Explore the Enigma with Our In-Depth Coverage”

2023-05-09 13:10:27 ***** ********* * ** ** **** ** ** *** ** ***** ***** **** *** ***** ******* ****** ** ******* **** ** ****** ** *** ******** ** ****** ***** ******** ** ** ********* ** ********* ** ******** ** **************** ** ** *** * ***** ** ********* ** ** ******* ** ******* ** ************** ***** … Read more

“Fatal Shooting During Police Search for Drugs in East Flanders: Latest News and Updates”

2023-05-08 15:42:16 The circumstances are still under investigation, but the incident occurred Monday morning in a building on Avenue Franklin Roosevelt. The East Flanders prosecutor’s office had previously indicated that it was a shooting during a search in a dwelling. of videos “During this intervention, one or more shots were fired and one person was … Read more

“STIB Tram Network Disruptions in Saint-Gilles: Latest Updates”

2023-04-21 08:15:01 The Stib is experiencing some problems on its tram network this Friday morning in Saint-Gilles. Public transport users have reported several lines to us at a standstill. Around 9 a.m., trams 81 were immobilized at the Barrière de Saint-Gilles. “It was a stationary car that was blocking tram traffic, but the problem has … Read more

Marc Tarabella, wearing an electronic bracelet, was released from Marche prison this morning, stating “I feel relieved to be reunited with my family” (photos)

The MEP and Mayor of Anthisnes, Marc Tarabella, who was charged with corruption, money laundering, and participation in a criminal organization in the case of corruption of the European Parliament by Morocco and Qatar, left Marche prison on Thursday morning. He had spent six weeks in detention in Saint-Gilles prison and was later transferred to … Read more

An Accident Involving a Buffer Truck Causes Traffic Disruption on the E42 near Spy on Thursday Morning

There has been an accident involving two vehicles on the E42 towards Mons, causing disruption to traffic on Thursday morning. According to reports, a buffer truck was hit by a car on the highway near Spy, resulting in serious injuries to the driver of the car who was taken to hospital. The condition of the … Read more

Neighbors hear a baby crying in an apartment, the emergency services discovered the horror this Tuesday morning: the mother found dead

“We heard a baby crying since last night,” confided a resident of the Pas-de-Calais Habitat building, in the Hochettes district of Arras. On the sixth floor of entrance nº1 of this building, rue Millet in Arras, the firefighters had to intervene at the request of worried residents, around 8 a.m. They had to use a … Read more