The Future of the MCU: What’s Next after Jonathan Majors’ Exit from Marvel Studios?

2023-12-19 18:53:35 Yesterday it was confirmed that the actor Jonathan Majors was fired from Marvel Studios after being found guilty of reckless assault in the third degree and harassment, as well as intentional assault in the third degree and aggravated harassment in the second degree, against his ex-partner. Given this, many fans wondered what lies … Read more

Marvel Studios Fires Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror Due to Assault and Harassment Conviction

2023-12-18 22:17:05 This Monday the actor was found guilty of two charges of harassment and physical assault of his ex-partner, which is why Marvel Studios decided to remove him as a performer from ‘Kang the Conqueror’. This Monday afternoon, Marvel Studios finally fired Jonathan Majors, actor who played ‘Kang the Conqueror’ in the MCU and … Read more

Tom Hiddleston’s Future as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: What Comes Next?

2023-11-11 23:42:23 This week the second season of Loki, the Disney+ series about the mischievous God of Deception. In an episode praised by both critics and the public, the character of Tom Hiddleston was crowned as the best developed of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM). But what comes next? Tom Hiddleston saying goodbye to Loki? … Read more

Quentin Tarantino on Marvelization of Hollywood: Movie Stars vs. Franchise Characters

2023-09-20 05:30:24 Hollywood: Superhero films have always attracted a large audience in Hollywood. Marvel films have been dominating in the last decade and a half. Hollywood directors themselves have often made their displeasure with Marvel public. It’s common knowledge that the likes of Ego, Martin Scorsese, and others are fierce critics of Marvel. At the … Read more

Cast, plot, date and more

After the success of the Infinity Saga, which began in Iron Man and ended in Avengers: Ultimatum, the MCU is already in the middle of its second great saga, called the Multiverse Saga. With the main productions of the current phase using the elements of the multiverse to prepare the ground, everything will have an … Read more

What MCU Fans Have Been Waiting For, Finally The Movie “Wakanda Forever” Will Air Next November!

Writer : Shinta Millennia KOMPAS.TV – Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, the MCU is certainly waiting for the sequel to the latest “Black Panther” film. The Wakanda Forever trailer for the film “Black Panther” was released at Comic-Con in San Diego, United States. Black Panther Wakanda Forever is directed by Ryan Coogler. Read Also: Servant of … Read more

One year after the premiere: Tom Hiddleston refers to Loki’s bisexuality | TV and Show

“I hope that the fact that Loki came out as bisexual was meaningful to people who saw it,” Tom Hiddleston told actress Lily James. during the program Actors on Actors de Apple TV, In conversation with actress Lily James, Tom Hiddleston referred to his character’s sexual orientation in the MCU. As Loki’s interpreter since 2011, … Read more

The show was stolen: Elizabeth Olsen is a trend in networks after the premiere of ‘Doctor Strange 2’ | TV and Show

The interpreter of Scarlet Witch has not yet seen the film, but just a few days after the premiere it has already become a trend in networks for stealing the show. Last Thursday, May 5, was the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in theaters in Chile and Latin America. The long-awaited … Read more