Damaged videos and strange pictures appear… chaos on the iPhone Pro phones!! Know the details

Apple’s iCloud for Windows program appears to be having serious problems for some users, with complaints popping up in several online forums about corrupted videos and photos from strangers in their photo libraries. MacRamers detected a few complaints from customers who were facing complications with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro models. Videos … Read more

Liu Hanzhu is the “international superstar” who booked a top-level tempura restaurant and was released into a mess of 8,000 yuan | Entertainment | CTWANT

Liu Hanzhu helped Xiao S make a reservation at a top restaurant through her relationship, but she was extremely dumbfounded that she was temporarily let go of the bird a week ago. (Picture/recapped from YouTube/Miss Buxidi) The anchor Liu Hanzhu has moved to the entertainment industry in recent years. In addition to hosting work, he … Read more