New Year 2023 in New York LIVE: Where and at what time to see the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square, New York | United States | New Year’s Eve | Happy New Year | New Year | | WORLD

The party of New Year 2023 in the iconic Times Square, in New York, returns to normal this Saturday after two years of covid-19, which led to holding the event with a greatly reduced capacity in 2020 and maintaining certain restrictions in 2021. The local police have said that there is no “credible” threat against … Read more

‘I’m afraid’; Woman trapped in car for 18 hours dies in avalanche; Video message to family

Washington: A woman who was stuck in a car for 18 hours in a heavy snowfall in Buffalo, New York, died. Andelle Taylor, 22, died. The car in which the woman was traveling got stuck in a heavy snowfall on her way home from work on Friday afternoon. While trapped inside the car, the woman … Read more

Witness.. A Saudi student documents the power of a blizzard on New York.. and comments: America has not seen it in more than 40 years

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Saudi student in America documented the power of the snow storm that New York City witnessed today, describing it as the worst snow storm America has witnessed in more than 40 years. And the Saudi student said in the video, 4 days ago, we were locked in our homes because of the … Read more

New York: what life is like in a city infested with rats and the latest strategy to end them | WORLD

READ ALSO: ‘Qatargate’: bags of money, an imprisoned MEP and the European Parliament before its biggest corruption case But now the effort is no longer focused on the form of extermination, but on the exterminator. Eric Adams, mayor of the metropolis and sworn enemy of these rodents, announced at the beginning of December the search … Read more