Nissan Corporation recalls more than 520,000 vehicles due to electric motor fault | Auto and Moto

Nissan X-Trail. (Source: On January 27, Nissan Motor Corporation submitted to the Japanese government an order to recall more than 520,000 vehicles, including Suzuki-branded vehicles, due to a faulty electric motor part that could cause a fire. Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism said the world’s leading car maker will summon a … Read more

There may be 3 models of domestic medium-sized RVs left! Ford Focus four-door Taiwan delisting probability is high

It used to be the most important domestically-made medium-sized RV in Taiwan with the highest proportion of sales. The rise of SUVs and the launch of cross-border SUVs have caused the market for domestic medium-sized RVs to decline. The Ford Focus facelift is expected to be the first Its four-door model may be abdicated in … Read more

Top 20 Most Durable Cars Survey: Toyota Has 10!The mileage of the first place soared to 470,000 kilometers

When buying a car, most people still hope that it can be driven as long as possible. Of course, there are many factors involved in this, but it is still possible to find out the car model with the longest life from the analysis. “iseecars” released a list of 20 cars that can be driven … Read more

Minera assures that Toyota, Tesla and Nissan would be interested in Penco’s “Rare Earths” project | Economy

The so-called “rare earths” are minerals that are intensively used in various electronic equipment and in cutting-edge technologies, such as electromobility and the generation of renewable energy. Automotive manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan and Tesla would have expressed interest in the “Rare Earths” project from Pencoin the Bío Bío region, according to comments by Ramón Barúa, … Read more

Nissan launches “Note AUTECH CROSSOVER + Active” in late January 2023, emphasizing SUV style

Notebook AUTECH CROSSOVER + Active base car ・X ・X FOUR +Active dedicated equipment ・Silver front protector ・Silver Roof Mall AUTECH CROSSOVER special equipment ・AUTECH exclusive exterior (front grille, grille finisher[dark chrome]) ・Exterior for AUTECH CROSSOVER (wheel arch garnish, side sill protector, roof molding[black for AUTECH CROSSOVER, silver for AUTECH CROSSOVER + Active]AUTECH CROSSOVER emblem ) … Read more

Focus on full exposure! Nissan X-Trail e-Power imported from Japan- Free Electronic Newspaper Auto Channel

A few days ago at the Yulon Law Conference, it was revealed that the new generation of Nissan X-Trail will be unveiled in Taiwan in December this year, and will be powered by imported e-Power. Sunroof, Bose sound system and more. Nissan’s new generation of X-Trail will be imported into e-Power models first. The new … Read more