Soon more gas than from Russia?: Ministry apparently expects LNG overcapacities

Soon more gas than from Russia? Ministry apparently expects LNG overcapacity 12/15/2022 8:51 am Are the gas capacities in Germany sufficient? According to a report, there could soon be overcapacity. According to the Ministry of Economy, more gas will be imported through the floating LNG terminals in 2024 than came from Russia in 2021. According … Read more

Polish court cancels fine against Gazprom

A Polish court on Monday overturned the fine of 6.2 billion euros imposed in 2020 on the Russian giant Gazprom by the Polish national competition office, UOKiK, for the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline linking Russia and Germany, the office announced. “We will appeal this judgment”warned the president of the office, Tomasz … Read more

War LIVETICKER – After a rocket hit: Kyiv largely without water supply

Rainer Munz on the current situation RTL reporter explains Russia’s strategy in the Ukraine war Criticism of Scholz’s trip to China Early start with Bijan Djir-Sarai Karl Lauterbach, “What’s that supposed to mean?” Pharmacist sings frustration from the soul Tilts the launch to January 1st Trouble about citizen money – Union threatens to blockade In … Read more

Sabotage of “Nord Stream” .. The United States guarantees no European rebellion

Talking about the state orchestrated sabotage remains necessary, as it is the most realistic hypothesis regarding what happened to the two lines. Sabotage of “Nord Stream” .. The United States guarantees no European rebellion In the theoretical analysis, it is assumed not to neglect any scenario of the sabotage incident that hit the Russian gas … Read more