Dax remains in the plus – first hopes of bottoming out

Dax remains in the plus – first hopes of bottoming out

Düsseldorf After two trading days with a sell-off mood, the situation on the German stock market calmed down somewhat on Tuesday. The Dax closed unchanged at 12,831 points in a more friendly market environment. In the meantime, the leading index went back above the 13,100 point mark. However, the Dax was unable to maintain its … Read more

For which stocks it becomes critical

Trader on Wall Street Anyone who does not deliver is currently being punished on the stock exchange. Other stocks, on the other hand, continue to rise. (Photo: AP) Düsseldorf The mood on the stock exchanges has cracked: fears of significantly higher interest rates in the USA are growing among investors after the inflation figures there … Read more

Dax course currently: Dax continues recovery rally

Dax curve The leading German index had reached several new record highs in the last stock market year. (Foto: Bloomberg Creative/Getty Images [M]) Düsseldorf The situation on the German stock market is easing. The Dax rose to 15,477 points during trading, an increase of 2.3 percent and more than 300 points. The stock market barometer is … Read more

Dax remains close to a record high – five indicators signal a rally continuation

Today’s Monday could be the third day in a row on which the Dax closes above this psychologically important level. This shows that the situation is changing for the better and willingness to buy has increased. After the last quotations above 16,000 points in August of this year, the Frankfurt benchmark always ran out of … Read more

Dax continues to rise – How the markets are likely to react to US monetary policy

This avoids the risk of a major correction that existed at the end of last week. Instead, there was again only a slight consolidation with a minus of 2.5 percent compared to the record high of 16,030 points. Two areas should be noted by feeders on the underside. For one, the mark around 15,800 points. … Read more

MDax climbs record high – Dax closes slightly in positive territory

Dax curve in the trading room in Frankfurt The Frankfurt benchmark has already reached a new record several times this year. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf Investors appreciate small caps because of their enormous growth opportunities – and often rightly so. While the leading German index, the Dax, rose by just 0.3 percent to 15,965 points by … Read more